LZX Industries | Video Waveform Generator


Wide range analogue voltage-controlled oscillator with five waveform outputs, pulse-width modulator, and waveshapers, versatile pattern and wipe generation and animation control source

Width : 16 HP
Depth : 30 mm
Current : +12V 115 mA, -12V 90 mA

LZX Visionary - Module Overview - Video Waveform Generator

LZX Visionary - Pattern Generation Demo

three Video Waveform Generator (VWG)

LZX Visionary - Audio Colorizer Demo

Triple Video Fader & Key Generator (TVF) and Video Blending Matrix (VBM) modules. Two Video Waveform Generators (VWG) and a low-frequency signal from Doepfer A-143-1

LZX Visionary - Video Blending Matrix Demo

In this clip, a camera, DVD player and two Video Waveform Generator (VWG) modules are blended together using the Video Blending Matrix (VBM) module. The outputs are taken from the "Absolute" sum outputs and fed into the Color Video Encoder (CVE).

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